Inspiron laptop

Dell-Inspiron-15z-Ultrabook[1]So, for my 14th birthday I got a new laptop! (yeah!!!) I was thinking about getting a MacBook pro, but I found this really nice PC called an Inspiron. It’s really nice because it is also a touch screen! I mean, you have to clean the screen from finger prints a lot, but the touch screen is really cool! I enjoy this laptop because the screen is easy to read. School projects are easy to type as well because the keyboard lights up at night time. The only thing bad about this computer, is the battery doesn’t last very long. But if you keep it plugged in over night, you can get a full battery for about 4.5 to 5 hours. Plus, the Inspiron, including the touch screen, anti-virus addition, and the Office addition (including power point, word, exel and one note) is under 1000 dollars. Where the MacBook pro is 1400 dollars without all that stuff. That’s a big difference! The Inspiron is great for school projects so I would really recommend this computer to middle school and high schools students. I REALLY enjoy it.


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