Hi my name is Morgan– or Simply MIP. I am 14 years old. When I was seven I saw my dad on the computer and asked him if I could have a website one day. He said sure. On my ninth birthday he told me we could build one together. Well it’s finally done-almost.

Now I get to tell the world about things that I like. I hope you like them too. I realy want this to be a place where girls can come and talk about stuff we like. Some of my friends are already writing articles and I’m sure will be official Mipsters soon. One thing I don’t want to do is talk bad about things. I’ve seen some websites that I don’t think are very nice. I want this to be a positive website. Also, my dad says that there are rules about talking about products. Since I will be supporting and recommending different things on my site and I may eventually make money or get things on exchange for my (or your comments) then I figure you should just assume that I’m making a lot of money to tell you about these products. Even though that won’t always be the case, at least you’ll know to use your best judgement at all times. I also think you should make sure you talk to your parents about anything you see or hear about on the website before making any choices or decisions.

Thanks you for visiting and have fun. You can start by reading what might be on my mind lately.